Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post-Cebar showgram trax

I had the pleasure of following Paul Cebar this week -- he was filling in on the Blues Drive right before my showgram. Lacking his vast knowledge of roots music and his massive record, CD and tape collection, I stuck with my usual thing. Here are new tracks and the official start of a new concept for the 80s at 8:30 -- a featured artist or theme.

New tracks

6 pm hour

!!! -- AM/FM
Elf Power -- Wander Through
Hot Hot Heat -- Biznezz Az Uzual
Black Mountain -- The Way to Gone
The Walkmen -- Angela Surf City
Blonde Redhead -- Not Getting There
Morcheeba -- Cut to the Bass

Recurrent (4-12 months old)
Mike Benign Compulsion -- The Soothing Sounds of Seals and Crofts

7 pm hour

Of Montreal -- Godly Intersex
Rasputina -- Humankind as the Sailor
Matthew Dear -- Monkey
Maps & Atlases -- Living Decorations
Grinderman -- Micky Mouse & the Goodbye Man
Billy Nayer Show -- Fredward
Jaill -- On the Beat

8 pm hour

The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger -- Devry
The Thermals -- You Changed My Life
Limes -- Rusty Old
Goodnight Loving -- Deep Black Pool
Black Angels -- Bad Vibrations

The 80s at 8:30

Featured artist Lou Reed!

Standing in Ceremony
Waves of Fear
Don't Talk to Me About Work
Doing the Things that We Want To
Spit It Out
Romeo & Juliette
The Blue Mask

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