Thursday, October 14, 2010

X (the band not the rating) and new stuff 10/13

6 pm hour new stuff

Salteens -- Last Train from London
Margot and the Nuclear So & So's -- New York City Hotel Blues
Deehunter -- Coronado
Versus -- Invincible Hero
Matthew Dear -- Monkey
Clinic -- Saffire

7 pm hour

Walkmen -- Angela Surf City
Bobby Bare Jr. -- The Sky is the Ground
Black Angels -- Sunday Afternoon
Grinderman -- Evil
Hot Panda -- Shoot Your Horse
James -- It's Hot
Blonde Redhead -- Oslo
Posies -- Notion 99
Limes -- Rusty Old Clock

8 pm hour

!!! -- Hollow
Neil Young -- Walk with Me
Crocodiles -- Sleep Forever
Devil's Brigade -- Gentlemen of the Road

Recurrent (4-12 months old)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- River Styx

The '80s at 8:30

Featured artist X

Sex and Dying in High Society
The Once Over Twice
Johnny Hit and Run Pauline
White Girl
Because I Do
We're Having Much More Fun
Riding with Mary
Love Shack

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