Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're not gonna talk about winter (playlist 4/13/11)

Hey it was warm yesterday for my showgram. I take no responsibility for what has happened since Wednesday night. Eighties at 8:30 feature was Jonathan Richman as the leader of the 80s "wimp rock" movement. I also played Ben Vaughn. Jonathan will be in Madison May 7 at the Orpheum. He's doing the Chicago-Madison-Minneapolis I-94 tour and skipping our fair town :(

Here are this week's new tracks

6 pm hour

Dengue Fever -- Family Business
(Here is link to a video promoting their new CD:
Mountain Goats -- High Hawk Season
The Kills -- Future Stars Slow
Vivian Girls -- Take It As It Comes
Dodos -- Black Night
TV on the Radio -- You

7 pm hour

Bass Drum of Death -- Nerve Jamming
Mike Watt -- Hammering Castle-Bird Man
Low -- Witches
Semi Twang -- Do Right
Chain and the Gang -- Detroit Music
Obits -- Everything Looks Better in the Sun
PJ Harvey -- The Glorious Land

Recurrent (4-12 months old)

Gang of Four -- I Party All the Time
Paul Weller -- Find the Torch, Burn the Plans

8 pm hour

Kurt Vile -- Puppet to the Man
Jad Fair -- All the Angels Say Go to Her (new best of)
Panda Bear -- Tomboy

The '80s at 8:30

Jonathan Richman

Fender Stratocaster
Chewing Gum Wrapper
Those Conga Drums
Dancing Late at Night
Vincent Van Gogh

Ben Vaughn

M-M-M Motor Vehicle
She's a Real Scream
I Dig Your Wig

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  1. I caught the JRichman stuff. Missed Ben Vaughn. I Dig Your Wig, classic. That was big during the Group W days.