Friday, August 12, 2011

Showgram Aug. 10 '11 -- Throwing Muses etc.

Throwing Muses were the featured -- and only -- artist on the '80s at 8:30. Because it was the '80s, I didn't do some of their cool stuff from the '90s, but hey, it is what it is my friends. Thanks to DJ Mindblown for making a cameo on a couple PSAs during the pre-80s part of the showgram.
Here is the new material:

6 pm hour

Art Brut -- Lost Weekend
Eleanor Friedberger -- My Mistakes
Paleo -- Buddy Buddy
The Ettes -- The Pendulum
Pure X -- Dream Over

Recurrent (4-12 months old)
Goodnight Loving -- Earworm

7 pm hour

Viva Voce -- Plastic Radio
Richard Buckner -- Gang
John Doe -- Never Enough
Kurt Vile -- On Tour (live)
Grace Jones -- This Is
EMA -- Milkman
Yacht -- Paradise Engineering
John Maus -- Head for the Country

Mountain Goats -- Estate Sale Sign
Obits -- Naked to the World

8 pm hour

Let's Wrestle -- In Dreams Part 2
The Horrors -- Changing the Rain
Rosebuds -- Woods

The Kills -- Future Starts Slow

The 80s at 8:30 -- Throwing Muses

Vicky's Box
America (She Can't Say No)
Snail Head

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