Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL eve Showgram playlist

Sorry, no football themes this week. Just the regular Showgram cavalcade of hits and a few misses. Featured artist on 80s at 8:30 was the ever amusing Robyn Hitchcock both by himself and with the Egyptians. But we start, as always, with this week's new tracks

6 pm hour

Ursa Minor -- 2032
Chris Mills (best of CD) -- All You Ever Do
Eleanor Friedberger -- The Inn of the Seventh Ray
Viva Voce -- Analog Woodland Song
Cymbals Eat Guitars -- Shore Points
Pure X -- Twisted Mirror

Recurrent (4-12 months old)

TV on the Radio -- Second Song

7 pm hour

Buzzcocks (new comp) -- Harmony in my Head
Silos -- White Vinyl
Blitzen Trapper -- Street Fighting Sun
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks -- Spazz
Jeff the Brotherhood -- Hey Friend
Stephen Merritt (new obscurities) -- You Are Not My Mother and I Want to Go Home
The Ettes -- Excuse
Wu Lyf -- Cave Song

8 pm hour

Jim Jones Revue -- Dishonest John
Widows Peak -- Fir Coat
Mogwai -- Drunk & Crazy

The 80's at 8:30 featuring Robyn Hitchcock

Balloon Man (requested)
Young People Scream
Brenda's Iron Sledge
Heaven (Live)
Egyptian Cream
A Globe of Frogs (electric version with Peter Buck)
Freeze (Shatter mix)

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  1. Until school ends in December, I will have to pull shows from the archive. I like the mix on this show. Mogwai,Jim Jones, Viva Voce. Topped with a Hitchcock mess, should be good. I will check back and let you know.

    Burgerman (AKA - Bunnyman)