Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alternate programming to Brewers loss

I was happy to provide an alternative to the bummer Brewers game last night. But I would rather see them win. Here are this week's new tracks and the '80s at 8:30 featured artist Fishbone.

New tracks

6 pm hour

Girls -- Magic
Jacuzzi Boys -- Zeppelin
Crooked Fingers -- Bad Blood
John Doe -- Never Enough
White Flag -- Black Ties
Blood Orange -- Complete Failure

Recurrent (released 4-12 months ago)

Felice Brothers -- Fire At the Pageant
Art Brut -- I Am the Psychic

7 pm hour

Limes -- Old Evil River
Mekons -- Honey Bear
Jim Jones Revue -- Burning Your House Down
Dum Dum Girls -- Only in Dreams
The Pack A.D. -- Siren
Mogwai -- Drunk and Crazy
John Maus -- Hey Moon


EMA -- Marked

8 pm hour

St. Vincent -- Chloe in the Afternoon
Patti Smith -- Glitter in Their Eyes (new Best Of)
Blitzen Trapper -- Street Fighting Son


Go! Team -- Rolling Blackouts

The 80s at 8:30

Featured artist: Fishbone

Party at Ground Zero (request)
Modern Industry
A Selection
When Problems Arise
It's a Wonderful Life (Gonna Have a Good Time)
Bonin' in the Bone Yard

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