Friday, January 11, 2013

It's here now: Playlist 1/9/11 !

OK I have it (transferring the list from there to here) figured out and pasted in below. Second showgram where I am able to bring you the complete playlist due to cool new program at the station.

City Rock Showgram (Music) with Rich Mars 01/09/2013 06:00PM to 09:00PM

06:07PM Holly Wants to go to California “Funkadelic” from Uncle Jam Wants You

06:09PM True Warrior “Ari Up” from Dread More Dan Dead

06:10PM Dirty Projectors “About to die” from About to Die - EP (2012)

06:16PM Nick Cave “We No Who 'U 'R” from single

06:21PM The Yell Leaders “I'm Troubled” from 45

06:23PM Earlimart “Internet Summer” from System Preferences (2012)

06:31PM Love and Rockets “So Alive” from Love and Rockets (1989)

06:34PM Pretty & Nice “Hyena” from Us You All We - EP

06:36PM Gingersol “Yesterday” from Eastern

06:41PM The Electric Six “Taxi to Nowhere” from Senor Smoke

06:43PM National Lampoon “Deteriorata” from Greatest Hits of the National Lampoon

06:47PM Levellers “Our Forgotten Towns” from Static on the Airwaves

06:52PM Scott Walker “Pilgrim” from Bish Bosch

06:54PM Mugison “To the Bone” from Mugiboogie

06:59PM Daphni “Jiao” from JIAOLONG (2012)

07:04PM Iggy Pop “Fun Time” from The Idiot

07:07PM Jonathan Burks “How I Roll” from How I Roll (2012)

07:10PM Bare Jr. “You Blew Me Off” from Boo-tay

07:14PM Giant Sand “Muck Machine” from Provisions (2008)

07:17PM DeVotchKa “Contrabanda (Live)” from Live With the Colorado Symphony (2012)

07:21PM Clinic “Seamless Boogie Woogie” from Free Reign (2012)

07:26PM Richard Thompson “Fast Food” from Mirror Blue

07:30PM The Mountain Goats “The Diaz Brothers” from Transcendental Youth (2012)

07:33PM Gringo Starr “Taller” from Going Way Out / Taller - Single

07:37PM WHY? “THIRST” from Mumps, Etc. (2012)

07:40PM XTC “Stupidly Happy” from Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2)

07:44PM John Wesley Harding “The World (And All Its Problems)” from The Name Above the Title

07:49PM The Evens “This Other Thing” from The Odds (2012)

07:53PM John Doe “Lean Out Yr Window” from A Year in the Wilderness

07:55PM C2 “Blood” from 45

08:01PM The Fabulous Poodles “Mirror Star” from Mirror Stars

08:06PM Love Tractor and Peter Buck “Shattered” from Athens Ga Inside Out bonus track

08:10PM Tilly and the Wall “Love Riot (Cycad Remix Remix)” from Love Riot - Single

08:15PM Lisa Germano “Everyone's Victim” from Happiness

08:21PM Memory Tapes “Let Me Be” from Grace / Confusion (2012)

08:25PM Pop Levi “Rock Solid” from Medicine (2012)

08:31PM REM “Million” from REM

08:34PM REM “Moral Kiosk” from Murmur

08:37PM REM “Pretty Persuasion” from Reckoning

08:43PM REM “Life and How to Live It” from Fables of the Reconstruction

08:48PM REM “Begin the Begin” from Life's Rich Pageant

08:51PM REM “Wolves (Lower)” from REM

08:57PM REM “9-9” from Murmur

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