Monday, May 10, 2010

It was 30 years ago today -- Playlist no. 1

It can't be true but I cannot tell a lie -- my first radio show on 91.7 FM in Milwaukee was 30 years ago this week. May 14, 1980 to be exact. It was on a Wednesday night from about 6:15 pm to 8 pm (seems I had a problem getting the transmitter started). The station was then known as WSOE and it was supposedly just an MSOE campus station but the signal carried a few miles beyond that. The DJ who was on after me was -- Jules! She started there in 1977 as an actual MSOE student DJ.
In honor (and horror) of my very first show, I listened to the tape and logged the playlist. It is eclectic, as they say. Oldies (they weren't on the radio at the time, so it was sort of cool), FM rock stuff (more like the late lamented WZMF than market leaders at the time WLPX and WQFM) -- oh, and some of the acts that 'MSE made famous in Milwaukee like the Jam, the Clash and Jonathan Richman. Here goes....

Rodney Crowell -- Here Come the '80s
Buffalo Springfield -- For What It's Worth
Bob Dylan -- The Times They Are a Changin
Bob Dylan -- Slow Train
Allman Brothers -- Can't Take it With You
Neil Young -- Powderfinger
Warren Zevon -- Jungle Work
The Jam -- Eton Rifles
The Clash -- Guns of Brixton
The Clash -- Death or Glory (unedited!)
Grin -- Moon Tears
Moon Martin -- Bad Case of Loving You
John Hiatt -- Madonna Road
Joe Jackson -- Sunday Papers
The Undertones -- Under the Boardwalk
Warren Zevon (request) -- Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Felix Cavaliere (solo) -- People Got To Be Free
The Animals -- It's My Life
The Turtles -- Elenore
Rolling Stones -- Under My Thumb
Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes -- Baby's Gone for Good
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers -- Important in Your Life
Lou Reed -- Vicious Circle
The Tourists -- All Life's Tragedies
Loudon Wainwright III -- Drinks Before Dinner
Squeeze -- Slightly Drunk
Bonnie Raitt -- Runaway (live)
Jo Jo Gunne -- Run Run Run

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