Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post blizzard pre-February freeze showgram playlist

I was fortunate enough to traverse roads that were pretty well plowed by the time I arrived at the station last night. Some other DJs faced more daunting challenges earlier in the day but, gosh darn it, they made it to the MSE studios downtown. It warms my heart, sort of like the new tracks and 80s at 8:30 I played this week (with special guest Bunnyman)......

New tracks

6 pm hour

Bobby Bare Jr. -- Your Goat is on Fire
Say Hi -- Devils
Giant Sand -- Ride the Rail
British Sea Power -- Living is So Easy
Mogwai -- San Pedro
Fergus & Geronimo -- Girls with English Accents
Smith Westerns -- End of the Night

Recurrent (4-12 months old)
Clinic -- Milk & Honey

7 pm hour

Deerhoof -- The Merry Barracks
Wanda Jackson -- Nervous Breakdown
Devotchka -- The Common Good
Go! Team -- The Running Range
Cloud Nothings -- Rooftop
Gang of Four -- You'll Never Pay For the Farm
Darker My Love -- A Lovely Game

The Fall -- O.F.Y.C. Showcase

8 pm hour

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers -- Hookers
Tapes n Tapes -- Desert Plane
Off! -- Jeffrey Lee Pierce

The 80s at 8:30

This week's theme -- bands in the '80s covering garage rock and psychedelic songs of the '60s

The Inmates -- Talk Talk (Music Machine)
The Feelies -- What Goes On (Velvet Underground)
The Danse Society -- 2000 Light Years from Home (Rolling Stones)
999 -- Little Red Riding Hood (Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs)
Lords of the New Church -- A Question of Temperature (Balloon Farm)
The Damned -- I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night (Electric Prunes)
Love and Rockets -- Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd)
Husker Du -- Eight Miles High (The Byrds)

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