Friday, August 10, 2012

New trax (in wax and not) 8-8-12 + 80s

Whew. Took extra work this week to get the old blogspot account going. Hope it will keep working -- otherwise I may need to make a change in the name/ url. Will keep you posted. Here are this week's new tracks and the "topical" 80s at 8:30 song list.

6 pm hour

Redd Kross -- The Nu Temptations
Black Box Revelation -- Rattle My Heart
Minus the Bear -- Steel & Blood
Tango in the Attic -- The Paradise Institute
Delicate Steve -- Big Time Receiver

7 pm hour

Two Gallants -- My Love Won't Wait
Fergus & Geronimo -- No Parties
Ty Seagull Band -- I Bought My Eyes
Crocodiles -- Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)
Flaming Lips w/ Yoko Ono -- Do It!
Japandroids -- For the Love of Ivy

Recurrent (4-12 months old )

Black Belles -- The Wrong Door

8pm hour

John Maus -- My Hatred is Magnificent
Holograms -- Chasing My Mind
Elusive Parallelograms -- Nuclear Man
The Orwells -- Mall Rats (La La La)

The 80s at 8:30

Topic no. 1 "Melt the Guns"

XTC -- Melt the Guns
The Clash -- Somebody Got Murdered
Green on Red -- Born to Fight

Topic no. 2 -- Mars robot/ probe landing

Suburban Lawns -- Flying Saucer Safari
DBs -- Neverland
Hoodoo Gurus -- Mars Needs Guitars
Meat Puppets -- New Gods

Non-topical track

Meat Puppets -- Buckethead

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