Thursday, October 18, 2012

New tracks/ 80s with Gang of Four 10/17/12

Had a swell time on the air last night with highlights including the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion ticket giveaway (had an excellent response) and Gang of Four "then and again" as the 80's feature.

New tracks

6 pm hour

Menomena -- Baton
Painted Caves -- Paper Tigers
Amanda Palmer and Grand Theft Orchestra -- Want it Back
The xx -- Missing
Fergus and Geronimo -- Roman Numerals
Divine Fits -- What Gets You All Alone

7 pm hour

Tame Impala -- Mind Mischief
Dark Dark Dark -- Last Time I Saw Joe
Firewater -- A Little Revolution
Laetitia Sadier -- Find Me the Pulse of the Universe
Black Marble -- Limitations
Ringo Death Starr -- Girls We Know
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -- Ice Cream Killer
Deerhoof -- There's That Grin

Recurrent (4-12 months old)

Black Box Revolution -- Mad House

8 pm half hour

Corin Tucker Band -- Groundhog Day
Ty Segall -- Would You Be My Love
The Heavy -- Just My Luck
Pow Wows -- Seeing Black
Bob Mould -- Round the City Square

The 80s at 8:30

The Gang of Four "then and again" is what I called it. Took original tracks from early 80s and paired them with the band's re-recording of same tracks in 2005 on "Return the Gift." Also threw in a 1981 live track at the end.

To Hell With Poverty
We Live As We Dream Alone
What We All Want
Cheeseburger (live)

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