Thursday, December 9, 2010

Diggin the music Wednesday night 12-8

If I didn't dig it, I wouldn't play it. That's all I'm sayin.
Here are this week's new tunes and the '80s at 8:30 Flipper/ Gun Club-fest.

6 pm hour

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's -- New York City
Warpaint -- Bees
Neil Young -- Sign of Love
Swans -- Reeling the Liars
Pomegranates -- Skull Cakin
The Extra Lens -- Adultry
Testa Rosa -- The Black Saltwater Sea
LCD Sound System -- Get Innocuous (live)

Recurrent track (4-12 months old)

Gil Scott-Heron -- Me and the Devil

7 pm hour

Brian Eno -- Flint March
Small Black -- Photojournalist
Bobby Bare Jr. -- Your Goat is on Fire
Deerhunter -- Revival
Darker My Love -- Dear Author
Crocodiles -- Stoned to Death
Dandy Warhols -- Boys Better (new best of)
Clinic -- Milk & Honey
Mararet Cho -- I'm Sorry
Girls -- Alright

Black Angels -- Phosphene Dream

8 pm hour

John Wesley Coleman -- Fields of Love
Cloud Cult -- Today We Give Ourselves to the Fire

Gogol Bordello -- We Comin Rougher (Immigraniada)

The 80s at 8:30

Flipper -- Ever
Gun Club -- Eternally Is Here
Flipper -- Way of the World
Gun Club -- Give Up the Sun
Flipper -- Life
Flipper -- Sex Bomb (alt. version)

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  1. I'm checking out the show from last Wednesday. Some good stuff. I've yet to near the the 80's at 8:30. Looking forward to it. Gotta luv the modern age, archived streams. Can you imagine if we could have access to some of the old radio shows back in the 60's and 70's? I know there are probably quite a few from the big cities, NYC, Austin or L.A. Last night I watched a movie, "Pirate Radio". Pretty good. Wish I knew more about the background of it. The movie itself seemed to be a bit more of a soundtrack with pictures. The story of why the offshore radio station was necessary was sort of funny. Ah, Britain back in the day. It does remind me of MSE back when all the deejays were little punks. Still punks just a little more responsible!